Warning: If you are dealing with a company or individual claiming to be a representative of this website (sell-timeshare.com) you may have been defrauded.

If you have paid large up front fees because you were promised a buyer for your timeshare then you most likely were deceived. You should immediately cease sending any further money to the alleged scammer and seek independent legal advice.

The website you have visited is a defunct website, owned by an individual who has not maintained or used the website for 5 years. It has been recently discovered that timeshare impersonators are falsely claiming to be associated with this website, sell-timeshare.com. Any such suggestions are entirely false and baseless.

Due to the serious nature of the alleged fraud, this website’s owner has retained legal representation. Please forward all legal inquiries to the law firm’s address and do not attempt to contact the website’s owner through any other means.

Attorney of Record:
Joseph A. Robinson, Esq.
Callahan & Robinson, P.C.
280 Madison Ave, Suite 705
New York, NY 10016